PHOTO ESSAY: Winter In Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo, Japan, a complex city with skyscrapers that rival the NYC skyline, but also has places such as the Sensō-ji Temple, allowing the city to retain its spiritual heart. The blend of eastern and western influence is apparent within the music, food and fashion trends of the people. I knew that I was in for a treat once I landed in Tokyo. Turns out it was a non stop action filled journey that didn’t end until I got on a my 14 hour flight back to JFK. For these reasons and more, Japan was a photographers dream. All the difference also remind me how much we are the same. We hope for a better future, but keep our rich history with us.

Zōjō-ji Temple | ©Andrew Graham

Zōjō-ji Temple | Tokyo, Japan

Zōjō-ji Temple |©Andrew Graham

Zōjō-ji Temple | Tokyo, Japan

Zōjō-ji Temple 

This temple stands next to the Tokyo Tower. Enjoy the Temple, but dont forget to take in the gardens which are adorned with statutes, flowers and trees.

Tokyo Tower | ©Andrew Graham

Tokyo Tower | Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower, modelled after the Eiffel Tower was completed in 1958. It was the tallest structure in Tokyo until the Tokyo Skytree was completed in 2012.

Sake in Japan| ©Andrew Graham

Drink Sake in Tokyo, Japan

Drink Sake

Start your night off right with some sake. Sake  is Japan’s national beverage that you can get chilled or hot, depending on your preference.

Roppongi Roppongi | ©Andrew Graham

Roppongi Roppongi

Party till 5am in Roppongi

Roppongi is unquestionable the party center of Tokyo. They have some of the biggest clubs playing that close at 4-5am.

Tip: The subway system does not run between 1am and 5am, so be prepared to party all night or pay for an expensive cab.

Sushi | ©Andrew Graham

Sushi |Tokyo, Japan

Eat sushi

Sensō-ji Temple in Tokyo | ©Andrew Graham

Sensō-ji Temple | Tokyo, JapanSensō-ji Temple

Senso-ji Temple

This is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. It is Tokyo’s oldest temple, and one of its most significant. I did not experience tourism until I reached this place, if you want souvenirs and trinkets to take home this is the place to do it.

Statues in Tokyo | ©Andrew Graham

Statues in Tokyo, Japan

Enjoy all the ancient statues in this modern city

Baby Octopus | ©Andrew Graham

Baby Octopus

Eat Street Food 

Tokyo is well known for its selection of seafood. Baby Octopus, Squid, Oysters and Tuna, try it ALL

Robot Restaurant |©Andrew Graham

Dancing Girls at Robot Restaurant | Tokyo, Japan

Robot Restaurant |©Andrew Graham

Robot Show at Robot Restaurant | Tokyo, Japan

Robot Restaurant

This show is located in the Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district of Tokyo and is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. Woman in bikinis, lights, lasers, robots, mask…they have it all. I didn’t understand what I was watching but I was VERY entertained.

Tip: Pick up a timeout tokyo magazine to get 1000yen ($10) off your ticket

Tokyo Illumination | ©Andrew Graham

Tokyo Illumination

Winter Light Illumination

In Tokyo, Japan they LOVE lights in the winter time. The city gets transformed into a bright winter wonderland as millions of colourful lights are displayed in trees, on and around buildings. Winter time in Tokyo will not feel depressing like other cities in around the world

Tokyo SkyTree|©Andrew Graham

Tokyo SkyTree | Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Tower

I’ve seen some tall structures in my travels but this one blew me away. The height, the colors, and the short troop it takes to get there makes this one of my favorite modern tourist attractions. The tower was completed in 2012 and is now the 2nd tallest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa located in Dubai.