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Don’t Check Into A Hotel Without These 7 Gadgets

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Because we all can’t stay in 5 star hotels.

While staying in hostels and barely adequate hotels, you realize that basic things like not having Wi-Fi can really put a damper on your mood. I selected my 7 favorite gadgets that will make your hotel stay more pleasurable, no matter the rating.

google-chromecast Google Chrome Cast


The hotel TV programing  is a struggle and usually filed with call girl commercials., connect the Google chromecast to the hotel Wi-Fi and in minutes you’re ready to watch ‘House of Cards’ reruns.


Braun clock

Braun Alarm Clock


My Iphone 5s is not the most reliable alarm, this back up alarm clock will ensure I never miss ‘golden hour’ again no matter where I am in the world.

Jawbone Mini

Jawbone Mini Jambox


Its not the cheapest of its class but it is the most portable and best designed. The basic cube design makes it an easy carry on item that can fit in your jacket pocket.

Remember there is no party without music

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4 in 1 adapter

4-in-1 Adapter


This adapter works in 150 countries and is the only adapter you need for your next trip. Just look at the provided color coded map to know which piece to take on your journey.


kensington lock

Kensington Combosaver Portable Notebook Lock


Not every hotel has a in-room safe but most travelers carry laptops. If you prefer not to carry your laptop at all times, for 14 bucks you can feel safe that it is secure in the hotel room


Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2

Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2


This is a heaven sent all in one device:

1. Mobile storage – you can plug memory cards or flash drives in to clear space on your phone or tablet

2. Travel Router – You can plug the hotel ethernet cable into the device and create a secure wifi network. I have stayed in hotels that promised free wifi only to sit by the door just to get one bar. This is priceless.

3. Device Charger – battery allows you to charge your other mobiles devices while on-the-go

FLUXMOB-BoltFluxmob portable charger

Not the first combination battery backup and wall charger, but it is the smallest.