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I am a hugeee fan of setting goals and then crossing them off like a samurai. I love living in the moment but I’ve learned that if you dream of doing something, you need to PREPARE and work for it.  Having a trip booked in a few months keeps me motivated and focused on what’s important in my life. If I have to skip eating out at my favorite restaurant in order to save for that hotel room in Trinidad, then so be it. In addition to my routine saving tips, keeping a list of dream trips in mind will ensure I don’t get distracted.

This is the list that keeps me up at night

This is the list that I daydream about during my 7pm conference calls

This is the list that I dream about on my 5am commute on the MTA

I am turning 29 in a few months and I’ve been to my fair share of places, but there are experiences I want before I turn 35 years old, thats a six year window, Ready set go!

1. See Niagara Falls at night time

2. Go back to the Eiffel Tower in France and ‘DO IT RIGHT’. My last visit was a short layover that felt like a girl that only let me get to second base.

3. Grand Safari in Africa. I want my baby girl to see a baby giraffe.

4. Thailand lantern festival.

5. Stay in a villa on the water in  the Maldives.

6. Antarctica.  Sounds weird but shooting that white landscape is priceless and they have peguins.

7. Photo Walk in Southwest USA region

8. See the Great Wall of China with my mom. She is of Chinese descent and has never felt close to her chinese side, but I definitely relate to the eastern philosophies

9. Spend three months in a Tibet Monastery to find the meaning of life

10. See Shanghai at night

11. See the Blue roofs in Santorini, Greece

12. Party in Ibiza, Spain

13. Go to Burning Man in Nevada, USA

14. Go to the Carnival of Brazil

15. Smoke a Cuban in Cuba

16.  Skydive over the Palm Islands in Dubai

17. Party on a yacht in Morrocoy, Venezuela

18. Hike to Machu Picchu, Peru before they open a closer airport and ruin it

19. Hang out at the Roman Colosseum and channel my favorite movie ‘Gladiators’

20. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador


This is my only  post with no pictures and its because I want it to be my personal puzzle. I will update this list as a knock each one of an provide my favorite pic.


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