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These Are The 7 Travel Photo Books That Will Inspire You To Get Away

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Every traveler has a different method to stay inspired when not roaming through Rome. You’re a well traveled, cultured awesome human being; why do you still have last years Ikea brochure on your coffee table ? It is time to upgrade your living space!

Head to your nearest bookstore and pick up all of these photo books up to inspire you and your house guests.

dawn to dark  Dawn to Dark Photographs ($40)

This book is a study of natural lighting around the world. Each shot features the work of an award winning National Geographic photographer. These images showcase everyday life from New York to Japan, Madagascar to Thailand and inspires me to wake up at 5am to catch the golden hour.


lonely planet beautiful world Beautiful World ($40)

Lonely Planet complied amazing images from Getty images, Corbis, and for this photo book. The images have a bit of a disconnect to the associated themes but every time I open this book, I add another location to my bucket list.


untoldUntold: The Stories Behind the Photographs – by Steve McCurry  ($59.95)

The book spans through the 30 years of legendary Steve McCurry’s career. Instead of eye popping images, this book is more of an insightful look at McCurry’s selected images. The handwritten notes place you in his shoes and helps the reader understand the history behind each iconic image.


art wolfe-2_FB Travels To The Edge A Photo Odyssey – by Art Wolfe ($24.95) 

Art Wolfe shares the images he captured while on location for the PBS television program “Travels to the Edge.” He provides short essays and stories for his favorite 100 images of the world.


On this earthOn This Earth, A Shadow Falls – by Nick Brandt ($130)

I have never seen the grand animals of East Africa depicted the way that Nick Brandt shows in his photo book. On This Earth, A Shadow Falls is a collection of the most memorable images from Brandt’s first two books. It makes me want to go on a safari immediately.


across the ravaged land  Across the Ravaged Land – by Nick Brandt ($44)

Across the Ravaged Land is the final volume of Nick Brandt’s trilogy documenting the disappearing animals of Africa. At the end of this book the only thought I had was how can I help preserve those animals that are close to extinction.


CN rooms with a view

Conde Nast Traveler’s Room With A View ($65)

Inspired by the monthly section of the magazine, Room With A View shows stunning images from a hotel vantage point.  I’m not one for an amazing hotel view, but there is nothing like waking up and looking out at the Eiffel tower.


Not all travel photography is your typical postcard and I love being inspired by these talented photographers. I am always looking for dope artist to follow, so please let me know your favorites below (even if its you)