5 Reasons Why Curacao Is The Perfect Winter Getaway

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After being snowed in and enjoying the winter wonderland that was Jonas, it is time to book your winter getaway.
5. Kenepa Beach

Just a 40 minute drive from Willemstad, lies the beautiful white sands of Kenepa Beach. The giant rock formations perfectly marries the crystal clear beach water, making Kenepa a must visit beach. Grab some sandwiches, beers and make some new memories on Kenepa beach.


4. Sunset Booze Sail

Enjoy stunning views of Curacao’s coastline from the spanish water
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Flysights Tip: Budget an extra $8 for a hotel pickup/drop off 


3. Mambo Beach

Mambo Beach is what I call, a full service beach. There are numerous restaurants, shopping, and nightlife options. Although there is a $3.50 USD entrance fee (per person) for the beach, it includes a beach chair so you can to lounge all day and party all night. This party beach is the best getaway from the winter.


2. Sea Aquarium

After all the sunbathing and drinking, the Curacao Sea Aquarium provides a great change of pace. For $21USD, visitors can literally get a feel for the marine life this island has to offer. Interaction with Flamingos and Sharks along with a Sea Lion and Dolphin show are included with admission.



1. Cas Abao Beach

When I close my eyes in my New York City office, I dream of Cas Abao Beach. An immaculate beach with small palm trees that are perfect to lay under, Cas Abao beach offers an ideal getaway from all of your daily stresses.


Whatever your reason may be, Curacao provides an excellent way to beat the winter blues.