Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

5 Places To Visit BEFORE You Put A Ring On It

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As I watched a good high school friend get married this weekend it made me think of all the places he will never experience the right way…. the single way. Sure you can enjoy these amazing locations with your significant other but the experience will not be the same.

Rio de janeiro, Brazil

Known for having the most beautiful and scantily clad woman in the world. Their care free attitude, the beaches, modelesque women and nightlife, makes this a must go for everyone.


Las Vegas, Nevada

2pm – Rehab pool party and meet some ladies.

6pm – Dinner with said ladies

10pm – Tao with said ladies and some new ladies.

4am- Hotel after party with either ladies

5am-  Stroll down to the hotel casino to make it all back

And repeat all weekend!

Sure you can enjoy Las Vegas with your wife, just expect a lot of shopping, shows and maybe a relaxing spa day.



Bangkok, Thailand

See Hangover 2


red-light-district (1)

Amsterdam, Holland (Red Light District)

Okay lets get it out the way now… yes, soft drugs(cannabis) and prostitution are legal, but Amsterdam has more to offer than just getting high on your own supply. One of the many joys of Amsterdam is walking into a coffee shop and chopping it up with fellow wanderers. Most restaurant workers are transplants from other countries and are more than willing to help you find the cool spots or hook you up with their friends. You might end up spending all your money and drugs and prostitutes, so to avoid sleeping in the park make sure you pay for your hostel upfront.



South Beach, Miami

“LIV on Sundays, King of diamonds Mondays”. We’ve all heard celebrities brag about how crazy South Beach is, and it does live up to the hype- if you have money. Don’t drive last years Chrysler 300 down Ocean Drive because you’ll see a real bentley pull up next to you at the red light. You can have fun on a budget, just stay in your lane. With an array of yacht day parties and celebrity hosted nightlife, south beach has all the distractions a hard working man needs. As you walk down ocean drive and take in the beach sights, you can skip all those fancy rich restaurant geared for big timers.